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Aglakadam Aaajeevika Academy
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We believe that each individual has a unique potential bestowed by God. The need is to identify the specific inherent  capabilities, finish those and connect with right resources.

   अमन्त्र्मक्षरम नास्ति नास्ति मूल मन औषधम, अयोग्य पुरषों नास्ति , योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभ

Career Guidance

Career Guidance is the first every step in the livelihood journey of an individual.  AAA has extended Career Guidance to more than 1,00,000 youth in the state of Chhattisgarh in the previous decade. Most of these beneficiaries are from the Left Wing Extremism effected regions of the state.  

Online Career Guidance: www.myaglakadam.com


Dr. Ajit Varwandkar, the chief architect of this society, has been conferred the State Award, "Shahid Veernarayan Singh Smriti Award" for the exceptional work done in the area of trible upliftment. This award was given away on 6.11.2012 by Hon. President of India Dr. Pranab Mukharjee.

Learning & Development :  

As a Corporate Training services provider we specialize in workshops & un-seminars. We work towards TRANSFORMATIONS in individuals and organizations and not just training seminars. One time motivation might upsurge the adrenalin but a sustained work at the level of inner conscious integrates change in the DNA.

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